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RSS Levi22

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2 points

the Jewish people settled and developed the land. As far back as records show, the Jewish people occupied the land. Also, Palestine is never mentioned in the Quran

1 point

i agree with Westin on this it like having a toy (Israel) and you put it down looking for another toy and someone is playing with that toy you can't go back to that toy and take it from someone that is playing with it and ask for another toy that a kid picks up do see where this connects

2 points

I disagree because then the Palestinians would have to go the customs to get to their holy place and the Jews would want to have some water transport so it would lead to more conflict

2 points

I have been persuaded by other people's comments now I think that it is like if someone had a toy (Israel) then that person puts it down and leaves just like how the jews did then they can't come back and take it if you put it down it would be up for anyone to have

1 point

if Jerusalem is neutral than the christens would maybe want some of the land to because it's a holy place for them and they can't split it up because that would make conflict against the Christians

3 points

yeah to put this into something that everybody would understand if you were using something and you stopped and someone gave it to someone else than its there's

3 points

if Israel was theirs then why does it say on the yellow sheet that it was given from god to the Jews

5 points

I think that the land belongs to the Jews because they were there first and it says on the back of the yellow sheet that god gave the Jews Israel

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