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1 point

But just because the Israelis are considered a higher being doesn't mean that they shouldn't have a right in owning the land.

2 points

"Israel is a holy place for Muslims as well." Jerusalem shouldn't be given to just one side because they got the land. If both sides consider Jerusalem a holy place then they should share that part of the land.

2 points

The Israelis have built a lot in the land that has not been claimed. Everything they have built has benefited a lot of people and help them in many ways. Since this is helping a lot of people they should be able to keep the land.

4 points

When the Jewish people came back to Israel they came back forcefully. They made the Palestinians leave their homes and they had to flee to refugee camps in neighboring Arab countries because they weren't allowed in Israel.

5 points

The territory was captured by defensive wars. However, even after they were given the land, they successfully defended the land and one several of the wars that were held there.

5 points

However, it wasn't their fault they left the land. The Jews were kicked out of Israel 2,000 years ago by the roman empire.

2 points

God promised the land to the Jews and since Israelis are Jews they should be able to have some land also. They shouldn't be kicked out off the land just because they left 2,000 years ago. Also, the International community granted the Jewish people the land back in 1948 so they should be able to keep some of the land.

3 points

Even though the Jewish people were the ones who left the land I believe that sharing the land would be a good compromise. Both the Palestinians and the Israelis were promised the land at different points in their lives. They could share the land and have it be a 2 state country. They would be able to share Jerusalem and have it so both the Palestinians and the Israelis could enter.

3 points

Even though the Israelis people left and came to the land they should still have a chance in getting the land. They were the first ones to occupy the land also they were the ones who settled in Israel and developed the land.

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