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RSS 22gmoore

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3 points

No, because they all left which means the land is up for grabs for the next person to own it. Which means the Israels can not take it back, the nice thing they could do is share.

1 point

Yes, this may be true but not just a few members of the Israels left they all left. So this gives the Palestinian's a right to take the land if no one is there.

1 point

Yes I understand this but they left the land which gives the Palestine the right to move in their if no one is owning the land

2 points

I agree they should all share the land and be able to agree on something and make things work because they have been debating about this for a while now.

3 points

I agree you can not leave something behind then come back and steal from whoever took after you left it behind.

3 points

110% agree with this statement they can't leave and then say oh well this is still our land so get out of here Palestine's. They left the land and did not clarify who would still be in control

1 point

This is true but even if god promised the land to the Israelites does this mean that Israel can give the land to Palestinian's and then come back and kick them out into refugee camps and say it was ours and we never gave you the right to have any of the lands!?

2 points

I disagree with this statement. Although The Israelites had the land first does not mean they can hand over the land to the Palestine's and say you can have it for now then come back and tell the Palestine's they never allowed this to happen and all you Palestine's have to leave this place.

3 points

The Jewish people left and came back forcefully. They made Palestinians leave their homes and flee to refugee camps in neighboring Arab countries, for example, they forcefully pushed Palestinians out of their homes and forced them into refugee camps. Not only that but, As this was happening the Palestinians had no say as to what they were going to end up doing with them and where they would be put. Then eventually Israel came back and took it all back without any warnings to the Palestinians.

So to solve this conflict I think that they should split Israel into 3 major sections, one section would be pure Palestine culture while one of the other sides will have pure Israels. These two sections would be two different parts on the opposite sides of the country. They both should have access to the medditeranian sea and they should each have access to most natural resources While in the middle of Israel their would be a bigger section where it was all natural and everyone would be treated the same, where both Israelites and Palestinians can meet.

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