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RSS 22eperoutka

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2 points

Aiden, where does it say that the Palestinians kicked the jews out, because they didn't, the jews left and the Palestinians spread out.

0 points

you mean the united nations forced the Palestinians to leave and the jews kicked them out of their homes.

1 point

Aiden the jews left, they were never kicked out. they're the ones who left and then came back and took most of the land while kicking residents out of their homes. Also, they started these hostilities in the first place when the took the land

2 points

Palestinian conflict began with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948-this is stated by a reliable website, so if this is correct then the Israelis actually started the acts of terrorism when they forced Palestinian residents out of their homes and made them flee to refugee camps. also, if it is part of both religions to forgive then why can't the Jewish people forgive the Palestinians and give them back some of they land they took from them, or at least let them live on their land.

3 points

I think no one should be able to buy or build on more land around any holy sites(including Jerusalem).

3 points

Aiden, just because jews say that god gave them the land doesn't mean he actually did. and even if god did want jews to have the land, would he want them to force people out of their homes and kill people that were there before them to get it? also, once again, religion should not affect where you live, religion and jews and Palestine should not be affected in negative ways by religion.

4 points

I think that the fact that jews say "God gave them the land" is not a reason for them to force people out of their homes, also remember that wars have been fought and people have been killed on both sides. I believe that there should not have to be a one or two-state solution, but that anyone should be able to live anywhere (applies to all but holy sites). I think that your religion should not determine where you live or how you are treated, and the jews are abusing their power by taking so much land from the Palestinians. I also believe that for a solution to be made, the leaders of these countries need to stop hating each other. both have done wrong, and progress will only happen when they forgive for past events and stop trying to take or take back land that was stolen from them.

2 points

I agree sam, but I think that this should apply to Christians as well because the city of Jerusalem is also important to them. I also believe that this should apply to all holy sites claimed by multiple religions and that these sites should not belong to any one body, but to everyone.

3 points

Your facts are true Levi, but should the jews get the land just because god says they should? also, remember that all Palestinians on Jewish claimed land were forced out of their homes. just because the jews suffered does not mean they should be able to inflict suffering on others.

4 points

I believe that Jerusalem should belong to no one, and I think this because three different religions claim it, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. It should belong to everyone, and no one should be able to build a (new, any residents that already live there can stay)house on land within a mile of the holy city.

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